How to Add a Mailchimp Signup Form to WordPress

Creating MailChimp sign up form on WordPress allows the automatic addition of entities to a WordPress site, hence boosting the email marketing list. With the MailChimp sign-up form, a WordPress website will likely build a bigger audience. When creating the MailChimp sign-up form, the site will link to your account using the MailChimp API key to pull the listing information to your dashboard.

Ways to add MailChimp sign-up form on WordPress

The technique used to create the Mailchimp sign-up form will depend on whether the website uses or Advanced websites with self-hosted platforms are built on, while small websites hosted on web platforms are built on

1. websites websites are customizable with advanced features, including HTML and plugins. The following process will allow you to add a MailChimp sign-up form.

2. Install a sign-up form plugin

Install the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site. Once activated, find the MailChimp addon to create a new form. The sign-up form will then appear on the website to allow visitors to subscribe before leaving. You can further make changes in forms style using HTML. A developer can choose to connect or disconnect the list of information from WordPress at any time.

3. MailChimp embedded form

Insert a Mailchimp that will be responsible for creating sign-up forms automatically for your audience. This information can be copied easily into the HTML of your website. Similarly, you can edit the sign-up forms to ensure they are compatible with your website.

4. Subscriber pop-up form

When visitors visit your website, the subscriber pop-up form will appear. The design of the pop-up form should be customized to match your website. Ensure you utilize expert HTML knowledge to connect the subscriber pop up form.

5. website

In websites, you need an editor to add a page or a post to your site. Add a sign-up content block after connecting Mailchimp to your site to ensure active audience engagement.

6. Adding a Mailchimp block

In the WordPress editor, choose the add block option to allow you to search for Mailchimp. While setting up Mailchimp, you can drag the blocks to meet your preferences on the site.

7. Customize block

The Mailchimp block will give room to customize the sign-up form specifications to ensure the audience is engaged once they visit the website. Once a visitor clicks on the sign-up form, an email placeholder will disappear. The submit label and terms of service disclaimer will enable the visitor to complete the subscription. Once done, the visitor will get a success text upon submission or an error text when there is a problem with the sign-up form or when the information entered has errors